Heavy Duty


About Cronkhite Trailers

At Cronkhite Trailers, we’re focused on producing top-quality equipment trailers that deliver durability and reliability. We control every step in the production process, turning raw materials into heavy duty, rugged and dependable equipment trailers. We build trailers to higher quality standards rather than build a trailer to meet the bare minimum standards. We manage our costs and overhead by eliminating fancy buildings, plush office space and high overhead.

If you want an equipment trailer that lasts, it must be built on a rock solid frame. The frame is EVERYTHING. Build it too light, it won’t hold up. Weld it wrong and it will break. That’s why overkill is the key phrase in describing our trailer frame material. We start with only high strength structural steel. If 6”x 3” angle steel is the industry standard, we use 7” x 4” angle.  Rather than use ¼” angle steel, we use 3/8” or ½” angle. This helps the trailer to withstand heavier loads and extends the life of the trailer many years. This “extra insurance” of heavier and stronger steel is one of the reasons why Cronkhite Trailers are so rugged, heavy duty and dependable. They are Built Stronger to Last Longer.

After you have spent the money to buy the right heavy duty structural steel and invested the time in training a welder, a poor quality weld would be like a kick in the pants. That’s why Cronkhite Trailers are famous for the quality, depth, smoothness, and integrity of each and every weld. Our welders are well trained, committed, and dedicated to building a quality trailer with quality materials. They take pride in their work and pride in their workmanship. The combination of using heavy duty structural steel for the frame coupled with committed, dedicated, skilled craftsman welders delivers a trailer that is rugged, heavy duty and dependable.

We utilize heavy duty trailer components to ensure trouble-free performance, extended trailer life, less required maintenance, the ability to withstand heavier loads in various terrains, and the ability to stop safely. We use solid 2” Oak hardwood for the deck floor rather than pressure treated pine because it is more durable and last much longer. Diamond plate fenders are standard on all models. The electrical trailer wires are encased in steel conduit. The conduit provides an “extra” measure of protections against weather and road debris.

All Cronkhite trailers have heavy duty Dexter brand axles. We’ve been using Dexter axles for the past 30 years. Based on our experience, you cannot find a more durable axle on the market. There are cheaper brands, but no one comes close to matching their quality and durability. Our Dexter axles also include additional enhancements to our axle component system like EZ Lube and Self adjusting brakes. They will save you time with less maintenance and fewer repairs and will improve the overall performance and long life of your Cronkhite trailer.

Cronkhite owes its success to its founder,
Daniel R. Cronkhite (1948-1990).
It was his vision, creativity and perseverance that built this company.