Heavy Duty


Drop Deck Tilt Trailers

3000 Series |  Ultra Low Tilt Deck |  Pan Deck Design

The 3000 Series is our most popular tilt deck trailer. This series of trailers are designed for easy loading. By eliminating the ramps, tilt deck trailers provide an easier way to load and unload equipment in less space, and are ideally suited for construction equipment that may require low ground clearance.

Pan Design | Ultra Low Deck | 3000 Series

3600 Series |  Split Tilt Deck  |  Flush Deck Design

The 3600 Series Split Tilt Deck Trailer is our top of the line and one of our best sellers. Designed for easy loading, this trailer features a knife edge approach which creates a smooth and level entry point to roll your equipment onto the deck. The 3600 Series has a flush deck which allows equipment, attachments, or odd shaped cargo to extend past the trailer frame and still be secured. A 4’ stationary deck is standard.

Flush Deck | Stationary Deck | 3600 Series

500 Series | Tilt Deck – Single Axle  |  Pan Deck Design

The 500 Series is our single axle tilt deck trailer line which consists of three different models in two different axle capacities (3.5K & 6K) and three different deck lengths 10 Ft – 12 Ft – 14 Ft.  Due to a smaller footprint they are easier to maneuver and handle, but offer great versatility for hauling a wide variety of construction equipment due to the rugged, heavy duty materials and quality welding.

Pan Deck Design | Single Axle | 500 Series

4000 Series | Ultra Low Tilt Deck   |  Ultra Low Load Angle

The 4000 Series is our “Ultra Low Deck” & “Low Loading Angle” trailer. We combine the great benefits of our 3000 series Ultra Low Deck with specialized 4’ ramps to create a “Ultra Low Load Angle” of just 5 degrees – the lowest in the industry.

Ultra Low Load Angle | 5 Degree | 4000 Series

Cronkhite manufactures tilt trailers in all the most popular deck sizes, axle capacity, and styles.