Heavy Duty


Drop Deck Ramp Trailers

2000 Series |  Ultra Low Deck |  Pan Deck Design

The 2000 Series is a rugged and heavy duty trailer designed for years of dependable use for hauling all your construction equipment like skid steers, tractors, trenchers, rollers, and scissor lifts. Deck height of just 15” makes loading and unloading construction equipment, “Quick, Fast, Safe, and EZ.

Pan Deck Design | Ultra Low Deck | 2000 Series

10 Series |  Extra Wide Deck  |  Flush Deck Design

Our 10 Series of drop deck trailers are ideal for those customers who want a higher deck because of the terrain.  If you are frequently operating the trailer in areas where the underbrush is high, or if you are on mountainous roads and hills with sharp dips. The 10 Series is ideally suited with a 4” higher deck and higher ground clearance.

Flush Deck Design | Higher Deck | 10 Series

50 Series | Widest Deck  |  Flush Deck Design

Our 50 Series of trailers have our widest decks, a total of 84” between the fenders. The deck height of this series is 24”. To facilitate equipment loading, we add a 2’ beavertail which is an extension to the rear frame of the trailer.

Flush Deck Design | Wide Deck | 50 Series

2960 Series | Extra Strong & Wide  |  Raised Rail Design

The 2960 is undoubtedly one of the toughest trailer we build. Our customers refer to it as “The Tank”. It is constructed out of WF 8”x13 lb I-Beam, there are 12 heavy duty 3” channel cross members that run from the front to the back of the trailer. Plus we add 5”x3” angle side rail which creates the 3” lip around the sides for additional support and convenience.

Extra Strong & Wide | Raised Rail Design | 2960 Series

Cronkhite Drop Deck Ramp Trailers offer the lowest deck in the industry and a variety of deck lengths and widths.