Heavy Duty


Electric Screed Vibe

The Powerful Little Machine that
Delivers Solid Concrete Results
Powerful | Portable | Economical

The Cronkhite S5000 Electric Screed Vibe produces a powerful oscillation that levels the concrete, removes air bubbles, and settles the aggregate in one single, smooth operation. Works faster than manual screed board and allows a drier concrete to be poured. The specially designed high-speed electric motor develops perfect torque and vibration to level, settle and smooth concrete. The unit is small and portable, easy to move from slab to slab or job site to job site.

  • Driven by its own power unit, the Screed walks itself, saving time and labor
  • Quickly and easily attaches to a 16 Feet by 2”x6” board, or a 20’ aluminum or magnesium screed board
  • Simple On/Off Toggle Switch
  • Works faster than manual screed boards
  • Single man operation
  • Minimizes effort, time, and cost
  • Proudly made in the USA

Model: S5000
Dimensions: 3’ x 5” x 5”
Electric Motor: Total enclosed non-ventilated brush type DC
Volt: 120 V
AC: 50/60 Hz
Amperage: 1.1 Amps
RPM Speed: 2300 RPM
Power Cord: 17 foot
Power Switch: All-weather toggle switch. Fully grounded 3-wire plug.
Product Weight: 20 Lbs
Body: Extruded, tempered aluminum
Warranty: Limited one year manufacturer warranty

Coming soon!

Coming soon!