Heavy Duty


Cronkhite Trailer Features

Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Sides and Floors

Some manufacturers cut corners by using lighter gauge materials for the sides and floors. Lighter floors and sides leads to warping and the deformation of the bed. It is especially important to use heavy gauge floor materials for loading equipment into dump trailers due to the higher weight concentrations between cross-members. At PJ Trailers we use 10 gauge smooth plate (.1345″ thickness) on all dump beds and fixed (non fold-down) sides.

Two Way Gates Standard

Most of our dumps feature a two way barn door and spreader gate standard. The spreader allows you to dump your material evenly when the bed is raised. This is great for sand, gravel, and other even flowing loads. The barn door function makes it easy to load equipment with no interference by pinning the doors to the side of the trailer. The barn doors are also great for dumping bulky loads like firewood, scrap metal, and brush that could get jammed when using the a spreader gate.

Ramps Included

One of the greatest features of dump trailers that is often overlooked is their ability to haul equipment (skid steers, mini-excavators, tractors, etc). All PJ Trailers 7′ wide dumps or larger include ramps as a standard features. Ramps add versatility to the use of the trailer and to its value.

Cross-member Spacing

We keep our cross-members spaced very tightly together (typically 16″ or less). This combined with our heavy duty 10 gauge flooring makes for an extremely strong dump bed that will be able to handle years of heavy use without failing. Many manufacturers space their cross-members too far apart to try to cut costs.

Sealed Wiring Harness
Inside Steel Conduit

Trailer wiring issues are one of the top complaints for many dump owners. This is why we use a sealed wiring harness to protect our wiring from water, dirt, and corrosion. The harness is enclosed in steel conduit throughout the frame of the trailer, to further protect the wiring from ice, road debris, and physical damage. This modular harness means each light is just simply plugged in, making replacement very easy.

Radial Tires

Radial tires are superior to bias ply tires in many ways. Radial tires feature better fuel economy, less vibration, a softer ride, and extended life due to less heat being generated by the tire. Radial tires are especially important for dump due to some of the heavy loads they must handle.

Adjustable Bulldog Coupler

Both bumper pull and gooseneck PJ dump receive a Bulldog™ coupler as a standard feature. These couplers are height adjustable to allow you to level the trailer with the towing vehicle. The Bulldog™ coupler has a well-earned reputation for being the toughest, most durable coupler in the trailer industry.

Frame Strength

If you want a dump that lasts, it has to be built on a solid foundation. Some manufacturers attempt to cut cost by skimping on frame materials (smaller channel & beam, fewer welds, less cross-members). Our dumps take frame strength to the next level and we have the warranty to prove it.

Low Profile Designs

Plan on using your dump trailer to haul equipment like skidsteers, mini-excavators, tractors, and mowers? We have two models (DL & DJ) that feature a 24″ deck height making it extremely easy to load equipment into the bed. Most other manufacturers only build traditional height dump trailers that have the higher 32″-36″ deck heights.

D-rings Included

We mount d-rings in the dump bed which are great for securing equipment. Even if you don’t use your dump trailer to haul equipment, they are great for strapping pallets and other bulky cargo.

Diamond Plated Fenders

Our fenders are made of 14 gauge diamond plate steel for increased durability. Not only are our diamond plate fenders tougher than the typical smooth plate, they look great too!

Reinforced Dump Bed Sides

We reinforce our dump bed sides with heavy duty 10 gauge formed supports on the outside of the bed. This helps prevent the sides from becoming damaged and deformed over years of hard use.

One Piece Sides & Floor

The majority of our dump trailers use a single piece side and floor with a seam that runs down the center of the trailer. This makes for just single weld that runs in the same direction that material dumps out of the trailer. This keeps your material flowing smoothly without hanging up on welded floor plates that run opposite to the direction of flow.

Better By Design

Great materials, components, and build quality are irrelevant if the trailer is poorly designed. When you have built tens of thousands of dump trailers you receive ample feedback about your product (both good and bad). We have used this valuable information to refine our product, making both major innovations and minor improvements over the years. We continue to develop new ideas and solutions to keep our dump trailers at the top of industry.

Easy Rear Gate Removal

Our barn door/spreader tail gates can be easily removed by pulling two pins at the top of the gate and unlatching the bottom of the gate. This allows you to haul cargo or equipment that would extend past the bed of the dump trailer