Wiring problems on some trailer brands are a frequent complaint of operators. If the wiring system of a trailer fails, you are out of business until the failure is detected and corrected. These electrical problems are virtually eliminated because of our wiring system management. The electrical wires are encased in steel conduit that runs throughout and above the trailer frame and deck. The conduit provides an “extra” measure of protections against ice, water, road debris, and the harmful chemical effects of a long cold winter that can cause many electrical problems. Most trailers do not use any conduit protection and rely solely on a thin rubber casing (called a sealed system) to protect the internal wires. This is not very durable or dependable in comparison to extra conduit protection.

Wiring connections on a Cronkhite trailer are made inside a steel junction box that is located at the front of the trailer for easy access.  2nd generation LED lights are used in ALL locations. Stop, Turn, Tail and Clearance lights.  LED lights will virtually last the entire life of the trailer and add to the low maintenance and longevity of a Cronkhite trailer

We also incorporate thick gauge wiring for our trailer brakes to make sure the brakes receive full power to stop the trailer. The best break controller and electric brakes can quickly become inferior if the brake wire is too light to transmit full power to the brakes. This wiring is slightly more expensive, but it is well worth it as it reduces maintenance issues.