Trailer manufactures and  engineers recognize that a low center of gravity on a trailer is highly desirable to enhance the towing performance, increase trailer maneuverability, and ensure safe and low loading/unloading operations.

Many equipment trailers have a 20”- 22” –  24” or 26” deck height. Most Cronkhite trailers have a deck height of just 15” or 16”. We accomplish the lowest possible deck height by utilizing the combination of 2 different components. The first is using angle steel ( “L”- Shaped) vs channel steel (“C” – shaped). Angle steel allows us to weld the frame for the deck in the lowest possible position. Down to the base of the “L” vs half way up the “C”.

The other part of the equation in getting an ultra-low deck is using 4” drop axles.  This keeps the deck 4” lower than a straight axle. That makes a big difference!  The wall of the drop spindle  is a precision machined forged iron.  This helps the trailer to withstand heavier loads and extends the life of the trailer many years.