It is widely recognized in the industry by trailer manufactures and dealers that the trailer deck floor receives the most abuse of any single trailer component. It will be the first component to be replaced and it will be replaced many times espically if the deck floor is pine or pressure treated pine. Pine is readily available, relativity inexpensive, it grows fast, but it has little or no strength. It is light it is not durable and does not withstand the outside elements of weather much less the demands of heavy equipment.

Oak is the strongest most durable, the densest wood in the forest. It is also harder to find, takes longer to grow and more expensive to buy. In addition, our oak comes from the far northern parts of the US where the wood grain structure is tighter/stronger due to the colder temperatures than the same wood harvested from the southern states. Because of oak wood’s inherent strength and structure, it will withstand the heavy use and abuse that other deck materials cannot withstand. We understand the tough and demanding payloads that these trailers have to deliver. Rather than build something to meet the “minimum standards” we build trailers to higher quality standards to ensure a long life with minimal maintenance, repair, or replacement. It cost us more to do it right the first time but saves you more money in the long run.

Solid White Oak Deck

Why Oak?

  • Lasts longer resulting in less down time
  • Stronger to help transfer the weight of equipment more evenly from front to back and side to side
  • No flexing of the deck