We use Heavy Duty Dexter drop axle, brake, and suspension are standard on a Cronkhite trailer, not an upgrade. We utilize the heavy duty components to ensure trouble free performance, extended trailer life, less required maintenance.

A Cronkhite trailer is designed to eliminate time consuming maintenance where ever possible. Our axle standards include an EZ Lube System which simplifies the required lubrication maintenance. Simply remove a plug from the axle hub and lubricate both the inner and outer bearings from a single grease zirk.  A complete bearing repack in just seconds. No disassembly required. Quick, EZ, and convenient.

Each Cronkhite trailer also has Automatic Self Adjusting Brake System that is standard, not an upgrade. No need for manual maintenance adjustments. The system works every day to automatically adjust break tension so you stop safely. In addition, we utilize heavy duty 12’ x 2” brakes that are found on all 4 wheels, not just one set of axles. Safe stop every time!